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The capital, the largest city, (half of Uruguay's 2.6 million people live here) and the chief port of Uruguay this chic capital is located on the northern bank of the Rio de la Plata (the widest river in the world). Steeped in history, Montevideo has both a rich cultural and architectural heritage.


 "Ciudad Vieja" includes the city's oldest buildings, art galleries, musuems, restaurants and nightclubs. Take in the city's Art Deco buildings, the three important public squares and the Palacio Municipal. The Gaucho museum is just one of several museums awaiting you. There are four major shopping complexes and numerous parks for exploring and relaxing.


For the athletic who enjoy long walks, jogging or skating the Rambla is a must. This avenue runs the entire coastline of Montevideo and is an important site for recreation and leisure for the locals and tourists alike. This diverse and cosmopolitan capital of Uruguay is a must visit destination and is a 3 hour ferry ride from Buenos Aires.

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