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We will be transferred by private vehicle for our mid morning flight to Puerto Iguazu. After an approximately one and three quarter hour flight we will be transferred to the Hotel to check in.


Mid afternoon, we will be transfered from the hotel to discover the Brazilian side of the falls. The drive will take us to the Iguazu National Park. Here we walk along the paths following cascades and walk along the catwalk that leads very close to the bottom of the Devil’s Throat. We will be impressed by the first panoramic views of the falls on the argentine side like the two sisters Bozzeti, superior circuit and San Martin Island, where the movie “The Mission” was filmed. The promenade shows a complete and panoramic view of the falls. The 90 metres Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Gorge) and the sight of vast curtains of white froth that seem to hang suspended in mid-air before plunging far down into distant spray will instil us with a strong sense of vertigo, a terrifying attraction that will draw us ever closer to the fragile rails of the balcony overhanging the main falls. The Devil’s Gorge is possibly the most spectacular of the 275 waterfalls that make up this astounding complex of cascades. This sudden deep drop was caused by a geological fault, the result of a volcanic eruption some 200,000 years earlier, although due to the natural process of erosion, geologists calculate that the actual edge has moved back 23 kilometres from its point of origin and will continue to do so.


Here we will have lunch in a restaurant located in the jungle with breathtaking views of the Devil’s Gorge.


By early evening we will have cameras full of pictures, and minds full of memories for our return back to the hotel for our buffet dinner before retiring to our falls view or jungle view rooms.


After an early breakfast we will check out of our hotel and make the short journey to the Argentina side of the falls.. Here we will walk 3 kms along the Iguacu river canyon. Almost 270 individual cataracts plunge some 300 feet across a horseshoe precipice over two miles long. With a half million gallons of water crashing down every second, the thunder of the cataracts is almost deafening; a dense mist of spray reflects a parade of rainbows on all sides.

Our transfer back to Puerto Iguazu airport for our early afternoon flight will take us back to Buenos Aires airport for our short drive back to our hotel.

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